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Alexander Ivlev

Managing Partner, Russia

Dear Sergey! Let me express my sincere gratitude to you and your colleagues for the contribution to the preparation and conduct of the Ernst & Young Matchmaking zone in the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014. Matchmaking zone was very well organized allowing Forum members to fully appreciate the benefits of the service. In addition, I would like to note...

LLC "Ernst & Young", Ernst & Young

Sergey Bednov

Director General

Dear Sergey! Let me express gratitude for the high level of the event to you personally and your employees. I especially want to thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to our delegation. I wish you and your colleagues every success in your work and look forward to our continued cooperation.


Chuiko V.A.

Chairman of the Board

Dear Sergey! Let me express you my sincere thanks for all your help and support in organizing and conducting the 55th Session ACSFI / Annual Meeting lCFPA, held from 9 to 11 June 2014 at the hotel "Angleterre"/"Astoria" in St. Petersburg. I hope for further cooperation between RAO Bumprom and RESTEC Group of companies. I wish you success and prosperity.

Russian Association of organizations and enterprises of pulp and paper industry


Founder, Deputy Chairman of the organizing Committee of the International exhibition "Rossika-2014"

Dear Sergey! Let me thank You for your active support in organizing and conducting 27 -29 October international philatelic Biennale "ROSSIKA-2014", dedicated to 100 anniversary of the First World War and the 100th anniversary stamps Patriotic series. Judging by the numerous reviews in the address of the organizing Committee, this project has received a positive response of many philatelic...

Organizing Committee of the international exhibition "Rossika 2014"

Sergey Bednov

Director General

Dear Sergey! Let me express my sincere gratitude for the participation in the EXPOPRIORITY'2013 that took place on 27-29 November 2013 in Moscow in "Expocentre". We hope that our cooperation will continue in preparation for the next EXPOPRIORITY'2014.


Petr Loyzhdzhik

Vice President

Dear Sergey! Technological concern "ABB" expresses thanks for your professional work on the organization of the seminar "Innovative products and solutions ABB" on 9th April 2013 in St. Petersburg. We wish your company successful development, achievement of new business heights and we hope for further cooperation.

Technology concern ABB

M.X. Musayev

The President of the Global venture Alliance

Dear Sergey! Thank you so much for organizing welcome dinner in St. Petersburg for Mr. Said Amide, founder and CEO Plug and Play International, as well as active participation in the preparation of the conference "Innovative Russia - responses to global challenges", held in early February of this year. I hope that our time-proven cooperation will be useful for further development of the...

Global venture Alliance

Sergey Kurdin

Deputy Head of the IPA CIS Secretariat

Dear Sergey! We have the pleasure to express our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude for the assistance provided during the preparation and holding of the 5th Nevsky International Ecological Congress. We wish you professional success and hope for further cooperation.

The Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS)

Rubinchik A.S.

The Trade representative of Russian Federation in Kingdom of Spain

Dear Sergey Nickolayevich! The Trade mission of Russian Federation in Kingdom of Spain wishes to express appreciation and gratitude for the responsibility to the affair entrusted and the high professionalism in your work to you and to the RESTEC EVENT MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Ltd. and the RESTEC INTERNATIONAL Companies’ employees which ensured the preparation and holding of the Exhibition...

The Trade mission of Russian Federation in Kingdom of Spain

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